Top 6 Bathroom Makeover On A Budget

Do you want to have a stylish and sleek looking master bathroom? Are you wrecking your nerves on how to come up with ideas on a bathroom makeover on a budget? If you are contemplating on the design of your bathroom, you must shop smart and invest your money well. By doing so, you will surely create a new look for your bathroom at a fraction of a price. You have a lot of do-it-yourself projects to explore to upgrade your bathroom without going beyond your budget. You can try changing your vanity tray, install new wall or floor tile or install new plumbing or lighting fixtures.

Here are some of the suggestions we can think of when doing your bathroom upgrading project:

1. Make use of extended light fixtures over your bathroom cabinets. You can make it sit near the wall to cast adequate lighting. Install long neck light fixtures to make it more accessible. This will only cost you a couple of dollars.
2. Look into the vanity tops that you have in your bathroom. You can avail of granite tops for your bathroom. You can get discounted deals from home improvement stores which includes sink. A vanity corner is possible too. You can buy a backsplash to protect the wall from water. You can make use of your faucet in your vanity top. This will allow you to access the faucet easily.
3. Create a glamorous mirror with side light for your bathroom. Make use of a wood or tile frame for your plain mirror. You can also make use of mosaic glass tile for a more stylish look. When you have the chance to visit hardware, you can look for wood mirror frames so you can use it to frame your mirror. The frame will give your mirror that very dressed-up appeal. You can make use of light on the side to illuminate your face when you are working with your make up.

4. A curved curtain rod will look good for your bathroom. This will give you more elbow room in the shower. You do not need to install glass doors when you have curved curtain rods. This will be a more practical way of adding the element of privacy in your bathroom.

5. One of the most effective way of creating impressive bathroom is through the use of crown moldings. Bathrooms are relatively small in space, thus you can add a lot of style and elegance without spending too much. You can find painted crowns made of urethane material. This will not expand and contract with the humidity inside the bathroom. Simply because urethane is lightweight, this can be installed easily with the use of nails and adhesive caulk.

6. Include a shower shelf for more storage. Take some time to visit a home center or local tile store. Chances are they are selling shelves which adhere well into the walls through the use of all-purpose construction adhesive. You can also purchase tension bars and suction cups to keep the shelves in place.